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Jumping Into the Unknown


I’ll be honest, I went back and forth about sharing this with the world. I decided I would do it only because I know how helpful it’s been for me to read about other people’s stories/experiences, so if I can somehow do the same for others then I consider it all worth it. Well, I have some really exciting/scary news to share.

Today will mark as the day I officially resigned from my very corporate job.

I’m still very shocked that I built up enough courage to go ahead with this decision, but I can finally say “I did it”! One on hand, it feels like such a liberating move. I feel like I finally made a decision that is best for me and in such a bold bold area of my life. On the other hand, I wonder if I made the most irresponsible decision in my life thus far.

From a young age, we are taught that you apply yourself in school so you can get accepted into a great college. From there, you work your butt off in college so you can eventually graduate and obtain a degree that will hopefully aid in landing you a really great paying job. But I feel like no one really talks about what happens after that, like no one really brings up what happens when you land that really great paying job. I think I can provide some insight on what happens. See, I somehow followed that game plan not knowing any better. I graduated from high school, got accepted into a great college, eventually received a degree and not too long after landed a great job. At the time I didn’t really consider whether my career choice was something I really wanted forever, but hey! I got paid well and had the opportunity to grow within my company and expand my career, so I jumped right down that road. I think this is the path that a lot of people take, not really considering what their long term contentment might be.

Little by little, I’ve been promoted at my company and have increased in duties and (of course) salary. At the beginning it was really exciting because I was being recognized and rewarded for my hard work. There have been some hurdles and obstacles I’ve had to face along the way, but nothing I couldn’t ever handle. However, for the last year I have really started to reflect on where my career has taken me, and unfortunately that has been met with some disappointment. I’m forever grateful for every opportunity that has presented itself in my career, and I do not regret one bit taking this job when I first did. But I’m not happy. I hate having to say that because I feel like it sounds so ungrateful. Here I am, in a career that some people are working towards and in a very comfortable salary…yet, I’m not happy. Have you ever heard that money can’t buy happiness? Yeah, me too. I never truly understood that statement until now. I used to joke and say, “well yeah, money can’t buy happiness…but it can sure buy you things that make you happy”. And while, yes, that does hold some truth, that happiness as a result is only temporary. Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I am not that person who finds their life happiness out of their career. I have far greater things in my life that dictate my joy. However, I do believe it’s important to find contentment in what one does for a living.

I stopped finding contentment in my job. I started to question why I was doing what I did for a living. While financial stability is an important factor in my life like many others, I started to realize that this was the ONLY reason I continued in my line of work. I didn’t feel like my work had much substance. If you haven’t guessed by looking at my blog by now, you can easily see that I love photography. I love sharing my photos, and I love sharing my experiences through these photos. I feel like at some point very early on last year, my heart started to feel torn about what I did for a living and being passionate about photography. I felt like my dream of doing what I love wasn’t really aligning with what I actually did on a daily basis. Not too long into all this thinking, the idea of quitting my very comfortable job to pursue my dreams popped up. It’s been a lot of back and forth, but between my faith and my very supportive husband, I’ve made the decision that pursuing my dreams despite all the unknowns and risk involved is totally worth it.

Now I have no idea what my life might look like in a year or in five years, but I do know that I am willing to jump into the unknown and see. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and wonder what if, wonder what if I was crazy enough and took that leap of faith. Here is to a new year full of unknowns and an exciting/scary future full of them too. Happy adventuring!

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