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Camping in Sequoia National Park


About 10 years ago, my husband’s (then boyfriend) family introduced to me to the world of camping in Sequoia National Park. Our first year of marriage we decided to camp for Memorial weekend in Sequoia, and it left us with such great memories. Since then, we have tried to make it an annual trip for us and whoever is willing to tag along to camp over the holiday weekend in Sequoia.

This year we were lucky enough to catch a campsite available. Unfortunately this isn’t always easy as camping as become more popular in recent years. I actually booked our campsite back in November 16′. Crazy, right?! I don’t know how other states or countries are with their camping, but it seems as though our California campsites book up quick! Almost too quick!

Nonetheless, we had a great time this weekend camping. I was able to destress from work and focus on spending qualify time with family, reading, and writing. There is truly nothing like being in the outdoors with zero distractions. We were blessed to be right by the river again this year, and the water was definitely roaring! It was so peaceful waking up to and falling asleep to the sound of a rushing waterfall.

If you haven’t been to Sequoia National Park, I can’t recommend it enough. You will find yourself in awe everywhere you look. The trees are massive (obviously) and the scenery all around is just stunning. We chose to wake up early every day so we can find more peace in certain areas of the park, as we knew many people were visiting this holiday weekend. I’m glad we did, because we were able to spot a bear and some deer in meadows that otherwise during the day would probably be too busy to spot any wildlife.



I always recommend using caution when visiting a forest. Common sense and respect go along way in the outdoors, especially when around animals. Unfortunately this weekend we witnessed a young boy cut down a small tree in the park and then swing around a torched branch around other trees. The boy’s parents obviously didn’t care much since they chose not to say anything to the child nor educate him on the importance of practicing care and safety in the forest. I was pretty disappointed to witness this. However, I understand that many are ignorant about proper care and safety. It’s important for us to remember that forests and especially National Parks are for all of us to share, which means it is our responsibility to take care of these places while visiting and leave them better than when we found them.


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