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Sequoia National Park

My first trip to Sequoia National Park was at the age of 15 or 16 years old. I had been invited by my husband’s (then boyfriend) family. At the time, I had never really been up in the mountains, so the trip wound up being filled with many firsts! It was my first time to Sequoia, first time at a national park, first time camping, and it also served as my first time encountering a bear! ūüėĪ As¬†you can imagine, I was pretty excited to go to Sequoia. And I’ll admit, I’m sure going with “the boyfriend” added to that excitement.ūüėČ

This time around, my husband and I were so¬†excited to go back to Sequoia because¬†we hadn’t been in about a decade! We were also looking forward to¬†camp out again in Sequoia, especially with the possibility of seeing wildlife. Unfortunately we didn’t fully appreciate the national park during our teenage years, so¬†we knew that with this trip we would gain a whole new appreciation for nature. And if you’re not yet familiar with this national park, Sequoia is known as the land of giants for obvious reasons.¬†Sequoia is home to one of the largest trees on earth, The General Sherman!


At the beginning of planning this trip, we didn’t really¬†have all of our days figured out quite yet. Truth be told, we actually only had 1 night reserved for a campsite in one of the busiest campgrounds during one of the busiest weekends at Sequoia. Nevertheless, we decided that it was worth the visit to Sequoia and hoped that we would find another campsite for a few extra nights. Thankfully we got just what we wished for!

Taking in all the beauty after our 1st night in Sequoia…and yes, we got to camp out right by the creek. Can I just say how peaceful it was?!


Right away we decided to visit the General Sherman tree.¬†By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on earth. Of course this particular tree attracts a lot of tourism, but¬†don’t let that discourage you from seeing it in person. There are so many other beautiful sequoias in the surrounding area that I couldn’t stop¬†myself from looking up.


112.jpgThere is truly nothing like standing next to a sequoia to remind you of the tiny place you occupy in this world. Such spectacular beauty!






We spotted some wildlife one evening while cooking dinner. The bear cubs were the cutest things! They seemed more nervous of us than momma bear did. ūüėÜ








For our last day, we decided to visit Morro Rock, waking up very early morning to catch sunrise and beat the crowds. We didn’t¬†let the 400 steps up to the top hold us back because we knew the view would be amazing. And let me just say, it did not disappoint! Afterwards we ventured over to Crescent Meadow, where we felt like we had the entire place¬†to ourselves and even spotted 3 bears!









…Until next time, Sequoia!


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